Chocolate Ganache Stuffed Strawberries

Guys, this isn't really a recipe. Sorry about that. More of an ode to Pinterest. I've seen cheesecake stuffed strawberries, and all sorts of other "cutesy" (yea, I said it) party food ideas on Pinterest recently, and was inspired by the strawberries in my fridge, and leftover ganache from these cupcakes. Hey, at least I wasn't just eating the ganache with a spoon. Except that I was until I paired it with some fruit. And then I still kept eating it. Anywayssss, I digress. Pinterest is fun! You should try it! And while you're at it, follow me on there! It's great for fun ideas like this one, which would work really well as an addition to a dessert table, or a light and poppable dessert for a cocktail party, or ladies' night. 

  • Clean the strawberries and chop off the greens/tops
  • Using a sharp knife, score the tip of the berry so that you make a pretty deep "X," large enough to insert a pastry tip into, and fill with the ganache.
  • Then, do just that! Fill with ganache, and then top with a small swirl for a festive, pretty look.

Try to eat just one of these – you can't do it!