Small Kitchen Big Taste

Small Kitchen Big Taste is a prepared meals and small events catering company founded by Karen (on the right) in 2009. In November 2013, she opened SKBT in North Haven, CT. Through healthy, delicious, made-with love prepared foods at the store, soup to nuts catering for small events, and lots and lots of foodie inspiration right here through the website and blog, we want you to fall in love with food!


SKBT started out as a blog about food… and the adventures that go along with cooking in a teeeeny tiny kitchen! It followed my baking and cooking adventures that all began in a kitchen the size of a postage stamp in New Haven, CT. No, literally. I’ll wait while you check out the pic below. I know right?!?! Yes, I had a teeeeeenny little kitchen, but I somehow managed to make normal-sized (sometimes way bigger than normal-sized) meals, and in the process, realized how much I was in love with cooking, eating, and feeding people! A year or two in, I decided to turn my passion into my profession – and here we are today! My hope is that you come to this site and leave inspired to cook and eat real, whole, delicious foods and to enjoy yourself while doing it!


Carly is our storefront and retail queen, customer service guru, and assistant events coordinator.  She is the smiling face that will often greet you at the counter in the afternoons at the store, the one you'll email about events, catering and other assorted SKBT info. Carly is currently getting her MBA from Quinnipiac University in  Marketing... and she's BOMB.  


Gabriel is our head chef.  She is a professional pastry chef and cook who is inspired by bright flavors, colors and textures.  Thai and Indian are some of her favorite cuisines.  Her hobbies include a love of black cats, movies and burgers!  We are so excited to have her on board, so be sure to come stop by and say hi! Ummmm and taste her delicious food!